RSD Staff and Responsibilities

Eabametoong’s Resource Stewardship Department staff works as a team to bring critical and timely information to EFN members. If you’re in EFN, please drop by our offices (trailers next to the nursing station), or call us at (807) 242-1591.


To enable informed decisions and local involvement with resource issues, our staff is organized into the following groups, but routinely works together on major initiatives and hosting meetings:

Community Information Exchange on Projects (e.g. mineral exploration and/or infrastructure)

Community Consultation Liaison Officer – Ralph Shawinimash

Community Consultation Officer – Tessa Bois

Support for Community Participation in the Regional Framework Agreement Negotiations

RFA Community Representative – Terry Waboose

Consultation Assistant – Waylon Atlookan

Consultation Assistant –

Admin Assistant- Laura Waboose

General Information and Advisory Support

Andy Yesno – EFN Senior Advisor

Peter Siebenmorgen – EFN Resource Stewardship Advisor

RSD Staff in Action:

w and h waylon

Harry Papah and Waylon Atlookan making a strong presentation on behalf of EFN to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act Panel Review process in Thunder Bay (Nov 15, 2016). Council representatives, Waylon and some of the RSD staff worked with advisory and legal support to file a formal submission to the CEAA Panel. The vast majority of issues raised by Waylon and Harry were incorporated into the Panel’s final set of recommendations to the Federal Government. The updated CEAA Panel recommendations and report are available here