Regional Framework Agreement Discussions

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Nov 9th, 2018 MEDIA RELEASE:

(select quotes from EFN Chief Elizabeth Atlookan)

Chief Atlookan stated, “We are here today to honour our ancestors, create new opportunities for our youth, and to demonstrate to all our members that we are carrying forward the vision we have heard from our people. That vision is of a healthy and prosperous region, achieved through the recognition of our rights and responsibilities as stewards of the land. The land belongs to the Creator, and the people belong to the land. We support positive community and regional development. We have been saying that for years and working hard to ensure that anything that happens in our region is a positive contribution to community life. We are declaring our role as informed decision-makers must be recognized in the planning, assessment, and final decisions for any projects in our area.”

Chief Atlookan added, “By ignoring the voices of our people, and secretly working to impact the rights of our members, Ontario is not only frustrating a process that we established as Treaty partners, they are now creating unnecessary legal risk for the Ring of Fire projects and access roads. We haven’t said no to any of these projects, but our people are being excluded from the decisions that will impact us.”

“It was the same way with Landore and their exploration project. Both the company and the government failed to act honourably. In this case, however, we are talking about a quick and dirty approach to opening the whole north, and the stakes are much higher. I’m honestly confused as to why Ontario won’t sit down with us. We went to Queen’s Park in September to ask direct questions about reconciliation and the Ring of Fire, but Ford’s lack of understanding and action is making a difficult situation far worse.”

Full release here: EFN Nesk Nov 9th Release

July 2018 Matawa Chiefs letter to Premier Ford (click link below):


May, 2018 Information Package to Membership Regarding Road Proposals by Webequie and Marten Falls, financed by Ontario:

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Full information package available here: EFN roads EAs update_May 2018



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Please see the full media release here: EFN_NFN Press.Release.August 24.2017 


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  • RFA is a joint political action initiated by the communities and Chiefs of the Matawa-member First Nations based on previous relationships, the Unity Declaration (2011), Judicial Review of Cliffs’ proposed Chromite Project (2012), Regional Strategy (2013), and common history.
  • It is a direct response to:
    • Mining/Infrastructure development pressure in ROF
    • Poor relationships with Ontario’s regulatory bodies
    • Inadequate ‘scale’ and approach of Environmental Impact Assessment selected in the ROF
  • Based on Chiefs meeting with Premier Wynne in March 2013 and follow-up commitment to a ‘community-driven process of negotiations’ to address key regulatory issues (‘rules of the game’) that hinder First Nations involvement in decisions on our land

May 2013-March 2014: Discussions among Chiefs, communities, and Crown representatives regarding potential content of the Regional Framework Agreement

  • RFA set out principles of the relationship, and key objectives:
    • Enhancing First Nations participation in EA processes and Environmental management;
    • Developing improved infrastructure planning processes;
    • Improving community well-being conditions; and,
    • Negotiating Revenue Sharing arrangements.
  • RFA was signed in March 2014; with negotiations to begin in Fall 2014. The document is publicly-available at:

MORE news and links available from Matawa First Nations Management, who employs coordinating staff to serve the needs of EFN and the other First Nations in this process:

The Opportunity:

  • The collective actions of the 9 First Nations has brought Ontario to the table to give our members a greater say over any potential development of the Ring of Fire, to better-protect our lands for current and future generations, and benefit in new ways that actually improve community life.
  • We are committed to voicing the concerns and interests of EFN members, and have been fighting hard to build a process that will be community-driven, but there are many challenges with any regional political action. EFN produced a short documentary outlining the process of entering the RFA discussions and community-level viewpoints on some of the initial RFA objectives. Please see below and share with your family and other community members.


  • This storyline is still ongoing and evolving…

    Discussions with the Premier and various ministries have been challenging but useful, and our community has a vital role to play in improving the way that Ontario recognizes our rights and jurisdiction in the region. This is especially true for the regulatory processes and systems in place for assessing major projects and plans in our homelands.

In November 2016, the Chiefs Council presented an updated joint workplan for tasks to be completed in partnership with Ontario, according to the major agree-upon objectives of the RFA. We are working toward achieving progress in each of the following areas in the current year:

  1. Community Benefits Fund (CBF)
  2. Community Access Roads
  3. Regional Environmental Monitoring and Planning
  4. Enhanced Environmental Assessment 
  5. Federal Involvement
  6. Additional matters

Please contact the Resource Stewardship Department staff for more information, ask questions, and participate in our meetings and discussions in Eabametoong and off-reserve. More information will be available within these sessions. In addition to this, we have begun posting relevant news articles and resources in the EFN in the news section of our website.




EFN’s team developed this video as a brief introduction to some of the issues we will be discussing in this area of the RFA negotiations. This provides some useful background, and we are hoping that you find it helpful and a good conversation-starter. If you have comments or thoughts to share with our team after watching this video, please come by the office or call anytime.


Matawa Chiefs at Queen’s Park to meet with Premier Wynne in January 2017