Mineral Exploration Claims and Projects

EFN is in the process of reviewing and updating the Resource Stewardship Policy. This will be made available online after further membership review.

ALL project proponents are required to respond to the EFN Information Request Form below PRIOR to being granted a meeting with the Chief and Council or community.

View and download IR Form here: EFN IR Form_Exploration

EFN region and quarternary geology

Please submit all IR forms to our Community Consultation Liaison Officer, Ralph Shawinimash (ralph.shawinimash@eabametoongfn.ca) and to efnresourcestewardship@gmail.com for consideration by the EFN Resource Stewardship Department staff.

ONCE your IR forms have been submitted to EFN’s Resource Stewardship Staff, you will be able to meet with our staff during information exchange and pre-screening meetings that will be arranged in Thunder Bay on the following dates:

-June 15/16, 2017; September 7/8, 2017; December 7/8th, 2017; March 12/13th (2018)

Dates are subject to change, depending on number of appointments and availability of RSD Staff. These meetings are to be attended PRIOR to direct discussions with EFN leadership and community members for project-specific consultation.


Link to MLAS website

January 8th, 2019

Hello there!
Below is a link to Ontario’s Mining Lands Administrative System (MLAS). Here you can search for active and pending mining claims as well as alienations, active and pending dispositions, pending withdrawals and notifications, administrative boundaries, and base data.

You will be able to see all active mining claims in EFN’s traditional territory. If you would like to order a map, contact Ralph Shawinimash at the band office (807-242-7221).

On the bottom of the page click Launch MLAS Map Viewer 

MLAS map viewer