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EFN has nearly 1600 members living on-reserve and another 1500 off-reserve. Our approach will be to focus on prevention while preparing the community as much as possible for any transmission of COVID-19. To our off-reserve family\, we understand that there is strong likelihood of exposure in the Thunder Bay and surrounding areas and we will focus the majority of our resources in that region. \nWe have been organizing our response to requests for assistance so that individual Council members and EFN program staff are not overwhelmed and all cases are tracked and addressed to the best of our ability. Frequent updates will be provided via the Eabametoong First Nation – Community Information Page on Facebook. \nEFN has hired the following coordinators to assist with our COVID-19 response plan: \nOn-reserve – Ralph Shawinimash \nAvailable @ Band Office (807) 242-7221 \nOff-reserve – Ron Missewace and Sid Okeese \nAvailable @ Off Reserve Support number (807) 709-9757 \nMore information will be forthcoming as the situation changes\, and we will reassess our approach every 10 days. Remember that we all have the responsibility to practice social distancing\, wash your hands frequently\, sanitize points of contact\, and regularly clean the spaces in your house. \nIF YOU NEED HELP ON-RESERVE CLICK HERE\nFor urgent medical support\, please contact the clinic: (807) 242-1151 \nIF YOU NEED HELP OFF-RESERVE CLICK HERE\nWe have also set up a support line for EFN off-reserve members\, which will be answered Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm: (807) 709-9757 \nFor medical support\, use the following official guidelines: \nThose who have traveled outside of Canada or believe they have come into contact with\, or have symptoms of COVID-19\, are to self-isolate and call Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000\, or the TBDHU at (807) 625-5900 or 1-888-294-6630 for instruction. \nIF YOU WANT TO VOLUNTEER CLICK HERE\nCOVID-19 INFORMATION\nThere is a lot of information\, including questionable content\, circulating online. We have compiled useful information from credible sources on this page. \n URL: CATEGORIES:Community END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20200326 DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20210101 DTSTAMP:20201124T070040 CREATED:20200327T200042Z LAST-MODIFIED:20200918T021843Z SUMMARY:EFN COVID-19 Response Suggestion Box DESCRIPTION:As we prepare to minimize the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis upon Eabametoong\, we have taken action on a number of fronts. We have prepared and will continue to develop an information and help request page. Our EFN COVID Emergency Response Team (CERT) and the Health and Social Services Director and Staff are working very hard to prepare and implement local public health protocols\, and you will hear further updates on the community radio as well as posted information packages regarding physical distancing\, cleansing and self-isolation measures to follow. \nIn addition to some of the actions underway and listed below\, we are looking to YOU for additional suggestions on how to prepare for and manage this crisis. While most of us are concerned about immediate food\, supplies\, and other items that will be required\, we would also encourage you to provide suggestions on how the community could prepare for the potentially-lengthy impact of this virus (from weeks to months). We need your thoughts and suggestions. Since we cannot host large community meetings at this time\, we are encouraging you to make suggestions and share your thoughts using this online comment form so all feedback is recorded – CLICK HERE \nMeegwetch\, STAY HOME and stay safe! We are all depending on each other to do our part! \n  \nSome of our first actions have included: \n\n1) Direct interaction with Senior Federal and Provincial Officials to secure new funding to prepare for the coming weeks and months of this crisis;\n\n2) Establishing an off-reserve response team and office in Thunder Bay\, as we anticipate the impacts of COVID-19 to be experienced first by our off-reserve members. \n3) We hired two (2) off-reserve response coordinators\, Ron Missewace and Sid Okeese\, to assist with preparations and member support initiatives in Thunder Bay; \n4) Hiring a (1) local response coordinator\, Waylon Atlookan\, to centralize communications and ensure coordination across EFN departments \n5) Our three new coordinators will be assisting with the purchasing and delivery of food and supplies to help meet the needs of our people during this time of crisis\, and working across programs to maximize the use of resources \n6) Identifying and coordinating EFN volunteers to help serve our members who are most at risk during this time; \n7) Instituting a travel restriction on all non-essential travel to and from the community as of March 19\, 2020. \n8) Preparing a communications strategy to help keep membership informed of any vital information or services available. This is currently active through local radio and the ‘EFN COVID-19 Information and Community Response’ group on Facebook\, and will be expanding over time as the strategy develops; \n9) Establishing a local COVID-19 crisis management team to work with Chief and Council to ensure effective flow of information and consider adjusting and implementing crisis response measures over time; \n10) Declaration of State of Emergency regarding COVID-19; \n11) Development of an EFN COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency Response Plan with medical professionals and a community member working group; \n12) Declaring the EFN COVID-19 Community Protection and Emergency Response Order. To further restrict access to the community\, and institute community-based procedures and restrictions for staying home\, household and self-isolation\, physical distancing\, and continuing to encourage our membership to spend time on the land harvesting and enjoying our land in a safe way. \n URL: CATEGORIES:Community END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20200401 DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20210101 DTSTAMP:20201124T070040 CREATED:20200403T153209Z LAST-MODIFIED:20200918T021524Z SUMMARY:COVID 19 Regional Case Tracking Information DESCRIPTION:In order to assist our community members with understanding the regional COVID-19 risks and to raise awareness\, please use the following links to see up to date information from the following official health units. Most of these update case numbers daily. Please note that these are confirmed cases only\, and each health authority is urging everyone to behave as if COVID-19 is in the community\, even if official numbers do not indicate this: \nThunder Bay District Health Unit COVID-19 Test Results \nNorthwestern Health Unit COVID-19 Test Results \nOntario Ministry of Health Status of Cases (Total\, updated daily @ 10:30am) \nFor more EFN information\, please visit our Help and Information page or feel free to provide comments in our Suggestion Box. \nTo date\, the best advice from medical professionals is to: \n\n1) Assume you and others around you could be carrying COVID-19 and take every precaution seriously to protect yourself and others;\n2) Stay at home;\n3) Practice physical distancing (6ft minimum) if and when you need to leave your home for any reason\, and DO NOT touch your face;\n4) WASH your hands thoroughly (min 20 seconds) often\, and any time you return home;\n5) Regularly sanitize all contact points\, doorknobs\, counters\, faucets\, etc. to reduce chances of spreading within your household;\n6) Closely monitor yourself and all members of your household for COVID-19 symptoms;\n7) Please take extra care to ensure that children and elders are following these guidelines\, as any member of your household could impact the health and safety of all in close proximity; and\,\n8) Continue to keep yourself informed of any updated best practices from trusted medical professionals.\n\nPLEASE CONTINUE TO STAY HOME\, STAY SAFE\, AND CHECK IN ON EACH OTHER \n URL: CATEGORIES:Community END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR