Community Based Land Use Planning –Taashikaywin

FN has been engaged in Community Based Land Use Planning for over a decade.

Through the hard work of EFN’s Planning Team, and tireless efforts of our lead Data Collector Xavier Sagutch, EFN has collected and discussed many of the views and values of EFN members. We have been working to develop a map-based database of Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge and associated sites to be protected and stewarded according to the Rights and interests of EFN members. This is a lengthy and ongoing task.

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In 2013, EFN approved an updated Terms of Reference to continue working in partnership with our neighbours from Mishkeegogamang First Nation on this important work. The 2013 ToR is listed as a public document as is available online. The maps in the ToR do not reflect the entire EFN traditional and customary lands, but one section that has been agreed-to for LUP work at this time.

EFN is eager to continue collecting data and organizing our lands into areas for protection, enhanced management, and specific rules for various types of use. This process will provide clarity to our First Nation and help us plan for protecting waterways and other sensitive areas, while setting in place guidelines for any future use in partnership with EFN. For an example of some of the work that our Planning Team undertakes, please come out to their open houses, or click here to see a summary of one field expedition from 2014.

For more information, please contact Xavier Sagutch: