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Hanabel has grown up in northern Ontario and is a band member of Eabametoong First Nation.

Hanabel creates exquisite hand-made jewelry that features unique beadwork and semi-precious stones. According to Hanabel, her inspiration comes from her mom and from the time she has spent in Thunder Bay.

Hanabel says that her jewelry appeals to people who are trendy and who want to add a “pop” their fashion statements.

Right now Hanabel’s designs are a hobby but Hanabel would like to teach others her design skills and who knows where Hanabel’s creative talents will go from there.

Hanabel Nancy Joyce Moonias

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// Isabel Anne Boyes //

Isabel Anne Boyes


Isabel is a band member of Eabametoong First Nation. Her specialty is original beaded designs.

Isabel has always been involved in creative work whether drawing, writing or sewing to name a few.

Isabel says she became more interested in beading and creative jewelry design as a result of attending ‘sewing nights’ hosted by Ontario Works.

“It brought back memories from my childhood when I used to watch my grandmother sew. My inspiration comes from my surroundings everyday and things I see around me.”

“I think my designs attract people who are trendy and traditional…my people.”

“My hope is to one day have my own business where I can supply my community with arts and crafts and teach my skills to younger people.”

Isabel Anne Boyes

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