Welcome to
Eabametoong First Nation

Our spectacular scenery and natural resources in our territory
have sustained our people and way of life for centuries
through fishing, hunting and gathering food. We are proud of
our heritage and community values. We thrive on a communal lifestyle that respects the wisdom of our elders.

Through the might of our First Nation we continue to evolve in the planning and development of our rich natural resources that will benefit our people and enable the kind of capacity-building that will help to build a strong and self-sufficient Eabametoong First Nation.

Recent News & Events

Poverty Action Research Project

The Poverty Action Research Project

more info you can contact Micheal Slipperjack



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Detox Facility

The designated 3 bedroom house has been renovated and furnished and ready for the first intake program.

The program for intake,withdrawal,volunteers,counselling,treatment aftercare is still in the works

There has been a sauna that have been constructed behind the detox .

So far the detox is functioning very well .

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Land Use Planning "Taa She Kay Win"


The Tay She Kay Win Planning Team consists of :

Terrence Keeskitay

David Boyce SR

George Waswa

Marcel Sagutch

Joseph Missewace

Peter Nate

The Fort Hope Land Use Planning Team will shortly resume meetings again to try and complete the Tay She Kay win Land Use Plan.

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